also know as Operations or The Ops Room

Ops is the team that keeps the over-all convention running on the day. Individual departments (such as Registration and Art Show) will run their own particular area, but Ops provides the communications, the Stewards/Gophers and handles any emergencies, as well as coordinating Logistics and is also usually responsible for handling Signage

Radio NetworkEdit

needs info


Volunteers that take on jobs at the con, such as checking badges, carrying supplies, helping to move chairs etc. See Gophers for more detail.

Ops LogEdit

A book that contains notes of major incidents, things that need to be recorded, what happened to lost property and most especially information for the next Ops Manager

Ops ManagerEdit

The person in the room who is in charge

Ops RoverEdit

A special Gopher or staff member, usually with a WalkieTalkie radio (Wallyphone) who wanders the halls of the convention keeping an eye on things and being available to be sent to provide assistance or to find someone as necessary. The roving eyes, ears and hands of the Ops Manager(!)

Radio ProtocolEdit

to be filled in

Ops ManualEdit

more to be added, including possibly a link to a standards Ops Manual Thin Ops is there to handle emergencies, to assist with convention level co-ordination and to receive lost property!

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