Mancunicon set up a range of methods for contacting the convention, from their web page (


You can contact the Mancunicon team by e-mail:

Access:        access@X
Art Show:      artshow@X
Chair:         chair@X
Childcare:     childcare@X
Dealers:       dealers@X
Hotel liaison: hotel@X
Membership:    membership@X
Newsletter:    newsletter@X
Programme:     programme@X
Publications and communications: communications@X
Treasurer:     treasurer@X
Volunteering:  volunteers@X
Web site:      webmaster@X

If you’re not sure who to contact, or none of the above fits what you need, contact us at enquiries@X, and we’ll make sure that your message reaches the right person.

Social mediaEdit

You can also contact us on Facebook and Twitter:


Twitter: @mancunicon

And don’t forget to follow us, too.


If you need to contact Mancunicon by post, our address is: