Illustrious 2011 was held at the Birmingham NEC Hilton Metropole.

Illustrious, the 62nd Eastercon: 22nd - 25th April 2011 The Hilton Metropole, NEC, Birmingham, UK

Guests of Honour:Edit

  • David Weber
  • Peter F. Hamilton
  • David A. Hardy
  • Roz Kaveney
  • Vince Docherty


  • Nik Whitehead - Chair
  • Fran & John Dowd - Finance & Membership team
  • John Harold - Services
  • Richard Cranshaw - Hotel Liaison
  • Liam Proven - Programme


Site of the 1987 Eastercon, Beccon '87, and the 2008 and 2008 DiscWorld Conventions [[1]]


The convention can be contacted at or you can join the discussion about the convention through any of the following media:

   * Livejournal: the Illustrious member community
   * Facebook: the Illustrious 2011 event
   * Their webpage: Illustrious
   * Twitter eastercon

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